Dear parents,

In order to give the maximum skills to your children, we are organizing a new activity during sport lessons: KRAV-MAGA.

KRAV-MAGA is a self-defense sport that develops great confidence on teenagers.

Here is a link where you can find more information:

To summarize the goals and expectations, we could say that the aim of classes is to teach students how to recognize danger and deescalate situations (if possible). 

Students should have basic knowledge and skills of problem solving, faster reactions and understanding attackers behaviour. 

After 6 weeks of basic course, students should have different types of mental "tools" for solving stressors, which can give them self-esteem and proper mindset in danger.

The activity is taking place from Monday 4th of November to Friday 13th of December.

The lessons are supported by a professional/diplomed instructor and by myself.

The cost is fully supported by the school. 

Once again I hope that you are sharing our enthusiasm,

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